D & H Pest Control

Hire the right company to exterminate those rodents

Are you tired of watching your property get destroyed by rodents? Well, put the BB gun away and call D & H Pest Control for a more effective way to rid your yard from these enemies. We do both residential and commercial work.


You'll receive top-notch extermination service at the most affordable rates in the area. Contact Us today for your FREE quote.

Get superior extermination service that is effective

• Mice

• Rats

• Squirrels

• Raccoons

• Possums

Reduce the damage by destroying those enemies

- Damage to buildings, particularly wiring/drywall

- Prevents financial loss to repair rodent damage

- Prevents spread of disease carried by rodents

- Prevents attraction of other pests (larger rodents/bugs that feast on carcasses)

How does the process work?

• First identify areas of property with high rodent activity

• Lay baiting stations / traps

• Exterminate the enemies

• Chipmunks

• Gophers

• Beavers

• Voles

• Porcupines

Pest little beaver Clan of raccoon squirrel in garden Mouse in house