D & H Pest Control

Are you sick to death of dealing with those insects?

When you hire us to exterminate your property, you'll receive the most effective methods for eliminating insects. If you're tired of cheap products and bad service, then it's time to call D & H Pest Control. We perform both residential and commercial services.  


Contact Us for a FREE estimate. You'll also get a guarantee on all our work, and we'll never for you into a long contract. Yearly, Monthly or just one job, the choice is yours.

Stay eco-friendly

Not only our extermination methods safe for humans, they're also 100% safe for the environment as well. Now you can feel good about eliminating your insect problem without damaging your health or Mother Nature.

Wipe those flying insects out for good

• Flies/horse flies,

• Bees

• Gnats

Schedule seasonal appointments with us

With every new season, you get more and more insects. Even if you exterminated last year, it doesn’t ensure they’ll stay gone for good.  By scheduling periodic treatments with us, you'll keep your yard pest free during peak outdoor seasons.

• Mosquitoes

• Wasps/hornets

• Beetles

Single pest beetle Single pest beetle Fogging in plants Single pest mosquito