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Are you tired of cockroaches in your home?

If you need a more effective way to clean the cockroaches off your property, Contact Us today. Our methods remove 100% of infestation (even if you eliminate 98% of the infestation, the remaining 2% can re-infest property in just 21 days).


We do both commercial and residential property, and we always guarantee our work. You'll find our methods are much more effective than other local companies.

Receive a safer solution for eliminating those bugs

When you hire us to exterminate your home of cockroaches, you can be sure that we’ll only use methods that are 100% safe and yet 100% effective. Our products don’t leave any toxic residue on the walls or ceiling.

Get educated by our professionals on infestation

• Clean up spilled food/drinks

• Keep food containers sealed

• Avoid accumulating multiple food sources in cardboard boxes / paper bags

• Dispose of empty soft drink cans/bottles

Get complete care from D & H Pest Control

• FREE estimates

• No long-term contracts

• Low monthly rates

• Guaranteed work

• Fast work

• Helpful staff

One pest cockroach Many dead cockroach Two dead cockroach One pest cockroach