D & H Pest Control

Is yard flooded with bird droppings and feathers?

Bird and pigeons not only leave their poop and feathers everywhere, they also can spread disease through their droppings. If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to manage this annoyance, Contact Us today for a FREE quote.


Do you own a business that is being attacked by birds or pigeons? Let us help. We do both residential and commercial work.

Get a safer and more effective way to rid your enemies

When you call D & H Pest Control to wipe your property of birds and pigeons, you can feel great knowing that we’re only using products that are environmental friendly, safe for humans  and is not harmful to the birds being controlled.  

Raise property values

• Elimination of nesting & roosting sites

• Reduction of dropping / feathers

• Improves the appearance of buildings

You'll receive quality customer service all the time

• FREE estimates

• No long-term contracts

• Guaranteed successful results

• Competitive prices

• Fast service

• Professional staff

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